How To Get Weeds Off Your Lawn Forever

It always happens. You mow your lawn. You water your lawn. You fertilize your lawn and no matter what you do, weeds start to sprout out of the lawn giving your lawn a massive eyesore. We all know deep down inside that no one is walking around the neighborhood judging and awarding prizes to the best lawns on the block but to you, it really bothers you. It probably irritates the hell out of you and you murmur and curse under your breath that you want those little bastard’s dead!

Well, we are going to share with you some tips on how to get rid of those weed off your lawn so you don’t get to deal with those little bastards anymore. So, let’s get to it!

First, you must understand why weeds pop up in the first place in your lawn. Here’s why.

Weeds are always looking for some fertile and open spot they can grow in, wait, let me take that back. Weeds are looking for ANY open spot anywhere to sprout out and grow, hence why they grow in the craziest of places like the crack in a sidewalk or even on a small amount of dirt that’s been sitting around for a little while. They are some tough and persistent little pests! So, any open spot on your lawn will is considered “fair game” as long as the weed is concerned and will take full advantage of it.

Our objective here is to “crowd out” any possible weed from ever getting into your lawn in the first place. Imagine going to a sold old Metallica concert and having every conceivable seat taken in the arena by a raging and screaming fan. Imagine you were late in getting tickets and there are even a few extra fans that got in and there is standing room only in the place. There is no way you’re going to get a seat and get in. You’re straight out of luck. Well, the same thing is going to happen here with your lawn. We are going to grow a blade of grass in every single square inch of your soil that no weed can possibly get in.

So, here we go. First off, go out and get any brand of broadleaf weed killer for lawns at any home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes. Spray your lawn with it and let it work its magic. It will take a few days, but it will kill off the weeds. Next, look for any open patches of grass and fill it in with turf builder or more seeds of grass of the same type of grass you got growing on your lawn.

Check all your sprinklers to make sure they are all working properly and watering every section of your lawn adequately with water. Next, aerate your lawn as described here in this article and fertilize your lawn properly. Water the hell out of it to let our lawn really bring in the nutrients and give all of your new seeds in the patches of empty soil a great start in growth. The key here is to give your lawn a super strong root system and strong blades on the surface. When you mow it, mow it at a slightly higher level than you had before. Again, we are trying to build a strong and sturdy lawn here with absolutely no breathing room whatsoever for any weed to find a place to take root.

Do all the following steps with persistence and consistency. Be patient. Before you know it you will have built a lawn so powerful and so dense that it is simply impossible for any weed to even think about growing on it. We want to fill in the arena with crazy fans! Not only that, fill it with extremely overweight fans! Next time a weed thinks about growing on your lawn, they’ll think twice and just float on over into the crack in the sidewalk or a fresh spot on your neighbor’s lawn.

Bob Ross has over 30 years of experience cutting, fertilizing, and making lawns look as good and green as possible. He shares his advice and techniques with homeowners and other in the lawn care industry with pride and passion.
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